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Tree Service in Springfield, MO

We are the premier local tree service in Springfield, MO offering a wide range of tree care solutions for all your landscaping and gardening needs. We work hard to bring valuable service to our clients, as a tree company with extensive experience in the industry. Our team of dedicated arborists believes that our customer’s satisfaction should be the top priority, no matter the size of the job. When you own trees in your landscape, it is crucial to have a good working relationship with a company you can trust your trees and safety with. When you call us, we will make sure to put our best foot forward and complete the task with accuracy and efficiency. Our skilled staff will come to your property to provide consultation and free estimates at your convenience.

Your Hometown Tree Service Springfield Experts

We are proud to be a family-owned and run company in the local area. Since our establishment, we have been supplying property owners with excellent tree care and impeccable customer service. No matter how long we have been in the industry, we still treat our clients with the same level of respect and care. We believe that the foundation of our institution is the mutual trust and respect we gained from our customers throughout the years. We never leave a job without making sure it’s done thoroughly, and our client is pleased with the result. We carefully spent our resources on state-of-the-art equipment that can help us carry out the demanding task of tree work. Our workers are some of the best arborists in town, with more than enough years of experience in the business.

Trusted Tree Service

Knowing the reasons why you should entrust your tree service needs to our team allows you to rest easy that you have the right people working in your property. Without further ado, here are some of the reasons why we are the leading company for tree care in the local area. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed  – Many tree companies will give you their word, but not all can deliver. Fathers Tree Service in Springfield, MO has all the knowledge and skills to stay true to our promise. We will never leave the job you entrusted to us until we have taken care of everything. When you give us a call, we will be quick to respond because we respect your precious time. No matter how messy the job can be, we can assure you that your property will be restored to its glory before we take off. You only need to give us a call, and we will take care of the rest. 

As the leading tree company in town, our goal is to continue providing unparalleled service that will impress all of our valued customers. We are happy to be the go-to company of residents and business owners alike, and we will do our best to be consistent with our excellent work across the board. We have all the services you need and more! Whether you are looking to trim, prune, or eliminate an unwanted tree, we can help. Whatever the task you have for us, we can assure you of 100% satisfaction or your money back. 

Full Range of Services – We would like to consider our team as an all-rounder in the tree service industry. We bring a complete range of tree services that can prove our abilities and skills in the service. We always show up on time and offer an on-site, free estimate to help you with your decision-making. Our representative will walk you through the process and make sure you understand everything before we start the project. 

  • We complete a task with integrity 
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  • Offer impeccable service 
  • Observe safe and up-to-date techniques and practices 

Whatever the service you need our help for, you can trust us to give our best to come up with the best results. We supply the following tree services and more: 

We offer a full range of professional tree services in Springfield, MO. You can trust us to perform the task with your best interest in mind. 

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Expert Services Yet Affordable Prices

When you entrust your tree care needs to a professional company, you can expect them to bring cutting-edge equipment and tools that can make the job easier. It is known to most that running a tree company is costly. The machines used in this business can be expensive and need regular maintenance. In addition, insurance, bond, and license also add to the total cost of the business. But Fathers Tree Service is committed to providing no less than the best tree care, which is why we are willing to spend to assure our work’s quality. In this industry where it can be easy to make money out of customers’ needs, we will be the honest, respectful, and reliable tree company that you need.

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As a premier tree company in town, we will make sure to provide you all your custom tree needs with the utmost accuracy and professionalism.

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    Licensed, Insured & Safe – Tree service is not like any job there is. It involves many risks and dangers that can put anyone’s life in peril. Fathers Tree Service aims to bring high-quality tree work while making sure everyone is safe. We observe safety precautions and see to it that everyone knows what they are doing. All of our workers have the skills to carry out a task without endangering you or your property. Our team always comes to the battlefield with the right equipment, wearing the right protective gear. We are a fully insured and licensed company for your added protection. You can have the peace of mind that the people working in your yard have the qualifications to take on the job. 

    We execute all of our services with a high level of accuracy and efficiency to come up with positive results. No matter how simple or dangerous the task is, you can call us, and we will show you how our team gets it done. 

    Fast, Same-Day Free Estimates – When you telephone us and inquire about our services, we understand that you need something to help you decide clearly. Thus, we are committed to providing detailed and free estimates after we consulted with you. We want to help you see the picture clearly to decide what is best for your tree’s future. Rest assured that whatever is written in our estimate is based on your tree’s custom needs and nothing more. We want our quality service to be accessible to our customers; that is why we provide free, same-day quotes that can help you take the next best steps. When you trust us with your tree care, we can assure you that we will be fair and honest with all our dealings throughout the process. 

    References & Internet Reviews – You know that you have found the right tree service company when you prove their reputation. Throughout the years, we have helped hundreds of property owners in the local area. We can quickly provide you with a list of our happy customers who you can contact for a reference. If you prefer to read reviews online, you can see what others say about us on different review platforms such as Yelp, Google, and Facebook. We believe that what makes us the leading tree company in town is our ability to keep our customers pleased with our consistent quality and work ethics. You can count on us to keep our feet on the ground and continue to show passion for our work in the years to come. 

    Emergency Service When You Need It – Nature can be unforeseeable and cause a devastating effect on trees. High winds, thunderstorms, and ice can have adverse effects even on your yard’s toughest trees. If you have had a tree fall over your roof or garage, you can call us, and we will make the situation better in no time. Dealing with the effects of the storm and other natural disasters can be stress-inducing and ruin your daily schedule. Uprooted or fallen trees are hazardous for you and the entire community. They need to be removed right away before they cause more troubles than there already is. Our professional team provides reliable emergency tree services that you can access 24/7. We will address the situation with urgency and get to the bottom of the problem right away. Please don’t attempt to tackle the task unassisted because you may get injured and cause more damage to property. During emergencies like these, you can count on us to be there to offer fast and safe solutions. Don’t go with the first tree company you see on the search bar, but trust only a reputable, experienced, and skilled tree company like Fathers Tree Service for the job. 

    A True Expert in Tree Service  – We are passionate and steadfast about tree care and everything involved in it. When you need assistance with your tree’s health, we are the team to call. We have friendly and skilled staff who will answer your questions regarding the tree service you require. You can trust us that we will take all necessary steps to ensure we deliver top-notch tree work for you. Don’t hesitate to tell us your concern, and we will address it with your best interest in mind. 

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