Emergency Tree Removal

Fathers Tree Service is the tree company you are looking for to help you with your urgent tree service needs. We have all the qualifications and skills to carry out the task in a safe and efficient manner. You can count on us to put our best foot forward to guarantee the success of the project. When the unexpected happened, expect us to be there and help. 

Mother Nature can sometimes be unkind to trees. When an intense storm hits or high winds lambast your trees, they can end up falling on your roof and cause damage and injury. We understand how burdensome dealing with a damaged tree can be, which is why we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to respond to your emergency concerns. While we can’t control nature, we can prevent further damage by making sure we respond quickly to your emergency needs. 

Storm Damage Tree Removal

The result of a fallen tree can be devastating, especially for trees. We have seen trees completely uprooted from the ground, and the effects are really hard to look at. If you are in the same situation right now, don’t wait too long before you act. Fallen trees should be removed immediately because they can cause further damages if left behind. 

Fathers Tree Service specializes in emergency tree service to make sure you get your life back in to normal in no time. We are often the first one to come to the location to provide fast and reliable solutions. We take every necessary step to protect you and your property from harm. When we arrive, we will assess the scale of the damage and identify hazardous situations that can hinder us from accessing the site. 

Storm Damage Tree Trimming

Not all storm-damaged trees require removal. In some cases, tree trimming in Springfield, MO can do the trick and save the tree from being cut away altogether. Our team can assess the condition of the tree and determine whether it can be revived. If yes, we will carefully trim the damaged and broken branches and limbs to restore the tree. 

Storm Damaged Tree Removal from Property Structures

Some trees fall in the wrong way due to a storm. Sadly, our homes or other structure can be on the way of the fallen tree, which results in property damage. If you have a tree toppled over your roof or crashed through your window, call our experts at Fathers Tree Serve, and we will be there to provide quick and safe solutions. With our modern machinery and skilled workers, we can assure you that your yard will be back to normal before the day ends. We are the tree service you require when you need it the most. 

Emergency Tree Storm Damage Response

Nothing is more important in an emergency than a quick response from a dependable professional. We give the utmost importance to being available when our valued customers need our service most. During times of trouble, we want to be the first one to provide the necessary help they need. We can assist you when it comes to communicating with your insurance policy to alleviate you from the stress of dealing with the demanding process. We are more than willing to bring you reliable and affordable emergency tree service when you most need it.

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